The Regional Archaeological Museum has 3 halls of ​180 sq. m.
It was created by the methodological guidance of Ph.D. Mykhailo Videyka and Maxim Kvitnitsky (at that time the head of the archeological excursion department). Was supported by the Institute of Archeology of the NAS of Ukraine, that transferred a large part of the exhibits. Also many exhibits was found in a result of archaeological exploration and excavation of the museum in the Kiev region.
The halls tell about the development of society from the ancient Stone Age to the end of the XIX century – beginning of the XX century.
In addition, there are two photo exhibitions in the lobby of the museum. One of them is dedicated to Vikentiy Khvoyka and the other is the oldest Paleolithic early man site in Ukraine (near the village of Koroleve, Transcarpathian region).



The first hall

The first hall covers the earliest periods of human existence and tells about the cultures and tribes that inhabited the Stone Age, Bronze and Early Iron Age. It also shows finds from the territory of Obukhov district, whose age exceeds 20 million years old.





The second hall

The second hall is the most fertile because it represents the history of the last millennia of our era. Humanity is developing rapidly, so archeology monuments showing the origin of the Slavs, the era of Kyivan Rus and the Cossacks, that go over to local lore exhibits of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition, the second hall is used for variable archeological exhibitions and creative exhibitions of contemporary artists.







The third hall

The third hall temporarily presents an exhibition of famous Trypillian ceramics, which opens the art and spiritual world of representatives of Trypillian culture. Thanks to the collaboration of the Kyiv Regional Archaeological Museum and LLC “Museum of Historical Heritage PLATAR”.

There are about 200 products of different shape, size, use and of course the ornament in the stylized temple of Trypillians.