Local Lore Museum (Sosnova)

Briefly about Sosnova

On the right bank of the Supiy River, 10 km from the Yahotyn station, lies Sosnova. The first mention of the village dates back to 1622. The origin of the village is directly related to the era of the Cossacks. Thus, there are legends that the Polish magnate Zholkevsky in the early seventeenth century forcibly took away land from the Cossacks. Protesting part of the Cossacks left Pereyaslav and settled 35 km from the city on the river Supiy in the woods. This is how the Cossack hamlet Sosnova arose.

The history of Sosnova is closely connected with the National Liberation War of 1648-1654, as its population was part of the Yahotyn Hundred of the Pereyaslav Regiment. And later the population took an active part in the Cossack uprisings. The main cultural centers in the village were a church and two inns. 

Today, the village is home to about 900 people and has the only rural museum of history and local lore in the area.

Rural museum

Historical and local lore museum in Sosnova, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky district, was opened in 1986 in the building of a wealthy peasant. It has four rooms, where the exposition presents household materials made of wood, embroidered things, documents, numismatics and other household and economic items of the XIX – XX centuries. Also it has a small number of items from archaeological research in Sosnova.

The museum complex includes a wooden house, built in 1905 as a historical monument of wooden architecture. It contains unique wooden tools of a wealthy peasant of the late XIXth – early XXth century: seeder, plows, fans, part of the mill, a place to store grain and much more.

The founder of the museum is a local ethnographer Dmytro Ishchenko, who not only collected but also preserved a significant number of exhibits on ethnography and history. These museum and state values are now on display for visitors.


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