Archaeological and Local Lore Museum in Kopachiv

Archaeological and local lore museum in Kopachiv officially opened its doors on August 24, 2008 in the village council building. On the second floor in two halls there is an exposition of the museum. The first hall presents local archeological finds, and the second – local lore materials. The village has a long history, because the first written mention of Kopachiv dates back to 1118. Although the area itself was inhabited much earlier, and the museum’s exhibits undoubtedly confirm the existence of settlements and human presence on this land.

Archaeological and Local Lore Museum in Kopachiv: the first hall

In the museum’s exposition you can see the remains of mammoth bones found in the summer of 2000 by an expedition of the National Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2006, a joint archeological expedition of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Kyiv Regional Archaeological Museum was conducted in the Kolomyivtsi Yar tract, located between the villages of Kopachiv and Pershe Travnya, under the leadership of Mykhailo Videyko.

There were found remains of buildings and ruins of about thirty vessels of the Trypillia culture. Today, these artefacts can be seen by museum visitors: helmet-shaped and conical tires, fragments of pottery, and, without exaggeration, the pearl of the Trypillia culture exposition, a binocular vessel.

In addition, during the same expedition, at a distance of 120 meters uphill from the sites of Trypillian culture, materials of ancient Rus times were found. Layers of clay and broken pottery have been preserved here. There are fragments of these vessels in the museum.

Archaeological and Local Lore Museum in Kopachiv: the second hall

In the second hall there are local antiquities and recreated a fragment of the interior of the Ukrainian house. Many Kopachiv residents joined the creation of the local lore exposition. Thus, the exhibits representing the history, life, art of Kopachiv from the past to the present were transferred.

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