Museum of Cossacks and Art Gallery

The Museum of Cossacks and Art Gallery are ones of the first museums in Germanivka, which has a long history.

In the village you can visit Revina hill, the highest point of the village, where the memorial complex is located: museum-windmill, chapel and gazebo of the Mother of God, twelve-meter cross – amulet, memorial to the victims of the Tatar invasion, a monument to Jews killed in Germanivka in 1919, a temple, a pyramid. You can also see the exposition of the Museum of the History of Religion of Germanivka and see the Church of St. Nicholas.

Germanivka honored all the memorable events that took place on this land, and also the people who created its history in 32 monuments, memorial signs and crosses and 26 memorial plaques.

Museum of Cossacks

The Museum of Cossacks was located in the premises of a former manufactory bench, which was built by the Jew Patlakh in 1902. In 1994-1995, repair works were carried out, materials were collected and issues of exposition were solved in 2 halls occupying 115 sq. m.

The first hall showcases the archeological finds of the Scythian and Ancient Russ periods. Its decoration was a diorama of Germanivka of the XI-XIII centuries, for the creation of which the artist Nechiporenko even had to live in the museum for two months.

The history of the Cossack time is represented by archeological finds, an original series of paintings depicting events related to Germanivka and its environs, portraits of hetmans.

The second hall contains original exhibits, documents and photographs that reflect the history of the village of the XIX-XX centuries, which are divided into stages by the peasant movement and the Decembrists (1824-1825), Germanivka from 1917 to 1940, the war of 1941-1945, prominent people and the present and literary Germanivka.

Art Gallery

There were plenty of materials for the creation of an art gallery or exhibition hall after the opening of the first museum in Germanivka, so next to the Museum of the Cossacks in a house built in 1904, which was also built by entrepreneur Patlakh housed an art gallery. Although the official opening took place in 2005.

One exhibition hall presents paintings by villagers, paintings by artists associated with Germanivka: I. Lytvyn, M. Kulyk, L. Style, P. Deilyk, V. Perevalsky and paintings donated by the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

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