Museum of Fighting Glory 

The Museum of Fighting Glory was opened on August 9, 2000 in Trypillya (in Trypillian secondary school), based on materials from the Museum of Komsomol’s Glory and the villagers.

фрагмент експозиції музею Бойової слави

Every city, village and every person, has its own unique face, its own biography, its own destiny. Years and centuries will pass, but the exploits of our compatriots will never be forgotten. Our museum is dedicated to all the people of Trypillia who went to immortality, who survived the hardships of the war and won. The fate of every Trypillian family was scorched by war. In almost every family:



                                                       died of wounds.

Trypillia paid a high price for its will:

484 Trypillia did not return from the battlefield;

49 were shot in the Rozkopan Tract;

43 were shot by the Nazis at home;

12 tortured in the Gestapo;

14 burned in the crematoria of the concentration camps;

   More than 600 young boys and girls were deported to Germany for forced labor, half of whom did not return to their homes.

The materials of the museum tell about the events that took place during the Second World War in Trypillia and its environs. About the villagers who defended their native land from fascist invaders, about the Rozkopan tract, which is in daily use called Obukhiv “Babyn Yar”, where fascists shot more than 700 civilians on the night of July 1, 1943.

The exposition sections of the museum reflect:

The beginning of the Second World War;
Black days of occupation in Trypillia;
Trypillia defense lodgement area of 1941;
Trypillia and Obukhiv underground;
Youth is mutilated by war;
Prisoners of fascists’ camps — our fellow villagers;
Trypillia youth in captivity;
Rozkopana tract — Obukhivsky Babyn-Yar;
Our fellow villagers on the fronts of World War II;
Heroes of Obukhiv region;
They liberated our land;
They did not return from the war;
Soldiers’ widows;
Teachers of Trypillia on the fronts of the Second World War.

In the hall there is an improvised soldier’s trench that stored remains of the weapon which remained on battlefields in environs of our village.

The museum has stands “Pain of the Afghan War”, which tells about the graduates of the Trypillian school – Afghan soldiers. Also the “Chernobyl tragedy” that reported about fellow villagers who saved the world from trouble. Unfortunately, since 2014 was appeared stand dedicated to the war in eastern Ukraine, which is constantly updated.

Стенд присвячений подіям на Сході України в музеї Бойової слави Трипілля

The exposition of the museum is supplemented by the searches and discoveries of school students who are actively working with the residents of Trypillia.

During its existence, the museum became a cultural and educational center of Trypillia on patriotic education of youth.

In 2017, the museum received the rank of “role-model museum” at the school.





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