Vikentiy Khvoyka Museum and Ivan Franko Museum  


Vikentiy Khvoyka was born in the Czech Republic, but rightfully took an honorable place among the prominent figures of Ukrainian archeology due to his discoveries and research in our country. It is difficult to find a period in the ancient history of Ukraine in which the name of Vikentiy Khvoyka will not be associated with scientific achievements.

On the fields of Khalepya Vikentiy Khvoyka conducted his first excavations of the settlement of Trypillia in 1896-1898. And during these two years he lived and worked at a local literacy school. Therefore, it is not surprising that today this building plays the role of the Vikentiy Khvoyka Museum. It was opened on the birthday of a prominent archaeologist – February 20, 2009. It is still the only museum in Ukraine dedicated to his work.



the first hall



The first hall contains reconstructions of the most significant excavations of Khvoyka – Paleolithic site, Trypillia and Chernyakhiv culture, the historical center of Kyiv. Also photographs of the archaeologist’s personal drawings, which he made during excavations in the field diary.


the second hall



The second hall contains original documents and publications related to the museum activities of Vikentiy Khvoyka in the Kyiv City Museum. Manuscripts, accounts, his correspondence and modern editions of scientific works of the archaeologist, photos from the exposition of the museum from the time of Hvoyka’s work in it.


Also presented a reconstruction of the archaeologist’s place of work of authentic furniture in the city museum, where he worked as a curator from its inception in 1899 until his death.



In February 2010, the museum held a scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of the discoverer of Trypillia culture.




In the same year, a museum of the outstanding writer and philosopher of Ukraine, Ivan Franko, was opened in a separate hall in the building where the Vikentiy Khvoyka Museum was located.



Ivan Yakovlevich Franko (1856-1916) was the only Ukrainian poet to be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Unlike Khvoyka, more than one museum is dedicated to him. And although he lived with the archaeologist at the same time, they hardly met. Therefore, they became neighbours only in 2010. The writer has never been to these lands, and the exhibition is dedicated to the path of Ivan Franko to Taras Shevchenko across the Dnieper, on the grave of which a prominent Ukrainian figure always wanted to visit.




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