Spring is coming

Весна іде… виставка коам


In the second hall of “Kyiv Regional Archaeological Museum” from March 3, 2020 presented the exhibition “Spring is coming”, which is organized to draw attention to the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people and education of respect for nature.

Spring is coming, the revival of nature

Ukrainians, whose lives were closely connected to the agricultural cycle, were looking forward to spring. Leftover food in the barns was depleted, sowing grain and harvesting new crops became more and more necessary. Children, tired of sitting at home, could not wait to have fun outside. In people’s imagination, winter was an old woman with a torn bag, and spring was a blossoming cheerful girl, who rebuked her when she met her grandmother with the words: “Oh, winter! Everything I and summer had prepared, you ate! .. ».



This time of year was considered a symbol of renewal and revival of nature. Therefore, the beginning of spring has long been a joyful event, the arrival of which was accompanied by general joy and popular festivities. The ancient Slavs deeply honored this holiday and believed that along with winter, blizzards and colds go all the problems of life, misfortune and disease, and their place is taken by joy, success and prosperity

The exhibition presents the works of museum employees: Natalia Konvaliuk, Natalia Kozhukhivska, Pavlyna Kravchenko, Lyubov Hryhorieva, Oksana Babchuk.

The staff of “Kyiv regional archeological museum” sincerely congratulates everyone with coming of spring.