Sightseeing tour

The museum’s sightseeing tour covers all the landmarks of history, located in only three exhibition halls, that preserved the archaeological heritage of the Kyiv region.

In the first hall we’ll tell you about the most ancient finds in the territory of Kyiv region. These are the Stone Age, the Copper Age (the period of Trypillian culture), the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, when Scythian tribes came to this land.

Макет житла людей кам'яної доби палеоліт житло з кісток мамонта

In addition, there are two photo exhibitions in the lobby of the museum. One of them is dedicated to Vikentiy Khvoyka – the discoverer of Trypillian culture, and the second is to the oldest Paleolithic site in the territory of Ukraine (near the village of Koroleve, Transcarpathian region).

Трипільська кераміка

Next, you will go up to the third hall, which presents an exhibition of the famous Trypillian ceramics, which opens the art and spiritual world of representatives of Trypillian culture. About 200 artifacts of different shape, size, use and of course the ornament in the stylized temple of Trypillians. You will learn about the sacral component of Trypillians, their beliefs and rituals.

And the tour ends in the second hall, the most fertile because it represents the history of the last millennia of our era. Humanity is developing rapidly, so archeology monuments showing the origin of the Slavs, the era of Kyivan Rus and the Cossacks, that go over to local lore exhibits of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition, the second hall is used for variable archeological exhibitions and creative exhibitions of contemporary artists.

sightseeing tour:
group to 10 persons:

70 UAH

group to 20 persons:

100 UAH

DURATION ≈ 45 min

Telephone order: +38 045 72 33 299;  +38 050 518 53 22